Laws of Umrah

  • Indian Passport with Minimum 6 month validity.
  • 6 photograph size 6 cm by 4 cm - white back ground.
  • As per the notice of the Royal Consulate General Of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai the procedure duration of endorsement of Umrah visa will take 5-8 working days.

Umrah New Policy Update

  • To every who is associated with umrah business or who is Concerned about umrah industry update
  • First of all, it’s great and amazing news for those who have Done umrah earlier as they don’t have to pay SAR 2000 which was Being charged as repeater visa fees so that the crowd will be happy like never before.
  • Now as per new umrah laws the umrah fee charged from Ministry of Saudi Arabia is 500 SAR which is equivalent to 10,000/- INR but the visa is issued only when the hotel & transport is Being booked along with the number of passenger traveling, For example, if 5 pax are traveling you need to book 5 pax car And 1 room of 5bed then the visa will be applied to that bed and Issued!
  • After you make the booking there is a code generated which is Called brn I.E. Booking reservation number which will be Attached to the exact number of passengers who are going to Endorse the visa.
  • Second major factor is for groups If you have your own umrah group and you want to endorse Umrah visa you must purchase exact config of rooms from us + The exact number of bus seats!
  • For more detailed information call us at +919920974825 Or email us at UMRAHMOFA@GMAIL.COM

Terms and Conditions

  • Single Gent must be above 40 years of age.
  • Below 40 years males and females should be accompanied by Mehram and family relationship must be proved on the passports or either by any original document for example Nikahnama, Additional passport etc...
  • Male Child below 17 years should be accompanied with a Male Mehram and Child above 17 years should be accompanied by Female Mehram.
  • Ladies cannot travel Alone without a Mehram.

For Indians holding Foreign Passports

Any person who is Indian by Origin but is holding a Foreign Passport must provide is OCI (Overseas citizenship of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) card to get his visa stamped from INDIA.